Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One Down, One to go

Have been busy knitting up a storm. Have finished the vest for the youngest grandson, so now its onto the next one. I am very pleased with the finished result.

Not the best photographer in the world but you get the idea. It is a beautiful cable and moss stick pattern and I so fell in love with with it when I first saw it that I just had to knit it.

Now its on to the next one. I have started it and thought I would try to do it in the round, but it was too difficult. So now am doing the back and front as one piece, much counting and concentrating on what I am doing.

Break in concentration - I had a wonderful surprise this morning whilst sitting on the lounge I looked up to see a family of ducks walking through the back yard!!! I did a double take!! Ran outside and started to take photos just to prove that I wasn't seeing things. Mum and dad herding seven little chicks. It was hard to get close as daddy duck kept attacking me, so I could only get long shots. The poor little chicks were desperately trying to climb the large steps and couldn't manage it, so I gave them a helping hand. Daddy duck did not appreciate this. Finally all ducklings were up with mum and dad and the family went on its way.

My biggest problem is keeping my cat Pierre inside now, he is banging on the door to be let out but he is definitely not going out there!

Now that I have had a little break its back to the knitting.

Today working on the vest, tomorrow will work on something for the shop, me thinks will start something new. Will have to choose the project, then the wool or maybe cotton. The hardest thing I find is choosing a pattern. Once that is done I have to choose a colour, but I find it comes when I choose the pattern, I see the colour I will use. Then its off to the stash to see if it is there.

Well the excitement for the morning is over and back to the needles.


  1. The vest looks great! The ducks are super cute too.

  2. Very handsome vest!!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment, you made my night! :)